The Weekly Standard’s still considered a conservative outlet, isn’t it? Sort of? We know that Bill Kristol, head of the #NeverTrump movement, is just an editor-at-large at this point, but still.

Anyway, to get where we’re going, we need to back up to this tweet from Sunday from Mark Hemingway, senior writer at the Weekly Standard.

Kirstin Powers wasn’t about to let that stand Monday:

Here’s Jonathan Last, digital editor of the Weekly Standard.

So, the Supreme Court will emerge stronger if we let the Democrats get their way, by any means necessary? That’s a no from us.

If it’s not crystal-clear by now, it never will be.

It’s like we reported: a progressive PAC sent out a press release opposing Kavanaugh but continually referring to him as “she,” they were so certain it was going to be Amy Coney Barrett. It didn’t make any difference who Trump chose — they just needed a name to fill in the blank.


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