A quick survey of Twitter following Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee makes one thing perfectly clear: he was in a lose/lose situation.

If he was quiet and reserved, he would have been accused of being cold and unfeeling — the kind of person who could easily lie about an attempted rape; but because he vigorously defended himself against a charge of attempted rape, his “rage” showed that he was the unhinged sort of person who could lose control and sexually assault a woman.

The Washington Post’s conservative columnist, Jennifer Rubin, was among those who saw Kavanaugh “screaming” at senators questioning him Thursday afternoon and could certainly see him taking out his rage on a woman.

So if he’d sat quietly, then what would Rubin have damned him for?

And this is the Washington Post’s idea of a conservative, who appears on MSNBC to give the conservative point of view.