Politico is reporting Wednesday that Sen. Jeff Merkley is seeking an injunction to stop a final vote on Brett Kavanaugh, arguing that his constitutional duty to advise and consent on Supreme Court nominees is being obstructed.

We thought it was the list of demands from Christine Blasey Ford that was obstructing things, but let’s see what Merkley had to say.

Politico reports:

“The events of the past ten days have only underscored how critical it is that the Senate conduct a careful and comprehensive review of a nominee before giving its consent,” Merkley told POLITICO in a statement.

“The unprecedented obstruction of the Senate’s advice and consent obligation is an assault on the separation of powers and a violation of the Constitution. The President and Mitch McConnell want to ram through this nomination come hell or high water, without real advice or informed consent by the Senate, but that’s just not how our Constitution works.”

Wow, Democrats will do anything to delay a vote on Kavanaugh.

Politico reminds us that Merkley delivered a 15-hour floor speech last year to try to derail the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch — sorry, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Honestly? Who knows. But if they blow this, a lot of Republicans might stay home when the midterm elections roll around.