As far as we know, rapper T.I. is still based out of Atlanta, so we hate to break it to him that he can’t vote for Cynthia Nixon for New York governor. Still, he’s heard her stance on legalizing marijuana and thinks she’s a righteous decent white person using her privilege for good.

You might want to sit down for this but … a lot of people, including rappers, never watched a single episode of “Sex and the City.” We’d have to go to to find out if she’s been in anything else, but frankly we don’t care.

Guess that star power isn’t exactly going to put Cuomo away. It’s going to come down to the issues, like free stuff for everybody, raising taxes on only the ultra-rich, and no more laws against anything except contributing to climate change.

When it comes to weed, we’ve really got to hold out for Snoop Dogg’s endorsement. Sorry, T.I.