Feminist Molly Jong-Fast is a novelist, so we’ll presume she looks for new material everywhere, all the time. On Sunday, she spotted a photo and did some “shipping” — the slang term for fan fiction with a romantic twist; for example, pairing up Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock and letting the imagination run wild.

We’re not sure what’s so feminist about choosing Ivanka Trump for this exercise, but then again, she’s a Trump and fair game.

In any case, pour some white wine and enjoy:

Wasn’t there a rule about keeping the kids out of it? Guess she’s disqualified because of her age.

And this isn’t even the first attempt at erotic Trump fan fiction — remember when Julia Ioffe, now a correspondent for GQ, tweeted that “either Trump is f**king his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws” after learning that Ivanka Trump was getting an office in the White House space reserved for Melania Trump, who had chosen stay in New York with Barron until he finished school?

That was classy.

Others chipped in to keep the story rolling.

It’s both creepy and predictable that Rick Wilson added two paragraphs:

It’s fun … like all the fan fiction we all used to write about Obama’s daughters getting it on with Clock Boy at Astronomy Night.

It’s true … Wilson has been honored as an official Salon-approved conservative.

Well, we suppose it’s one way to kill time before Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.