Yeah, that’s a headline we didn’t think we’d be writing today, but Climate Progress put it out there Friday and we just had to click.

Um …

OK, we read the piece at ThinkProgress so you don’t have to, and the gist is that there was a town hall on climate change and social justice, and the theme was that 1) climate change will create more natural disasters like Katrina, and 2) the government needs to protect women from these natural disasters through “higher wages, more affordable housing and better access to health care  —  including contraception and abortion which are disproportionately used by cis women.”

Jeremy Deaton writes:

When disaster strikes, pharmacies may be shut down, limiting access to contraceptives, leading to unplanned pregnancies. Likewise, hospitals may be closed, leaving pregnant people without the care they need. Finally, abortion clinics may be inaccessible, leaving those who have lost a job or home or suffered physically or emotionally as the result of a catastrophic storm without a means to terminate a pregnancy.

Now does it make more sense?