If you hadn’t heard, a group of Asian-American students has sued Harvard University, alleging that the school’s admissions process discriminates against Asian-Americans through a vague “personal rating” factor, and on Thursday, the Justice Department backed the suit, filing a brief saying that “Harvard has failed to carry its demanding burden to show that its use of race does not inflict unlawful racial discrimination on Asian Americans.”

Of course the NAACP Legal Defense Fund took the Justice Department’s action as a blow against affirmative action:

Not surprisingly, Vox made the case that opponents of affirmative action are “using” Asian-American students to tear it down.

Woke Asian-American Alvin Chang writes:

This story, of racial bonuses and penalties due to affirmative action, has created an internal tension for Asian Americans: Many of us know race-conscious policies are necessary to remedy systemic racism. But we are also told that Asian Americans are penalized for those same policies.

It’s a tension white affirmative action opponents have exploited, time and again, to make their argument against race-conscious policies and to seek a broader coalition for their movement.

This latter frame — of people being hurt based on their race — is exactly how affirmative action opponents want to tell this story. And they’ve been wildly successful.

We knew it — it’s those white people and their twisted merit-based philosophy again.

Whoa, buddy, don’t bring teachers’ unions and — gasp — school vouchers into this … it’s ugly enough already.


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