Admittedly, the tweet oversells the story a little bit; The Washington Examiner only tracked down a couple of donors who want their money back, but we’ll bet there are more than that.

As Twitchy reported, Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis set up on GoFundMe something called the Michael Cohen Truth Fund, but it didn’t quite take off like the panhandling effort for former FBI agent Peter Strzok. And now that Davis had admitted that he lied about what Cohen knows about that infamous Trump Tower meeting, at least two donors want their money back.

Steven Nelson reports:

Two donors told the Washington Examiner they have regrets after Davis admitted lying to news outlets in late July, when he claimed Cohen could testify that he witnessed Donald Trump Jr. notify his father in advance of a Trump Tower meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Los Angeles-based attorney Henry Gradstein said he’s not particularly concerned about losing $100, but that refunds might be the right thing to do.

“As an ethical matter, yes, very disappointing,” Gradstein said regarding whether he wanted a refund. “As a practical matter, no — it’s $100.”

The Washington Examiner reports that the top donor to the GoFundMe effort pledged $50,000 anonymously.

Maybe Davis could at least stop pimping the “Truth Fund” on cable news:

Anyone else feel entitled to a refund?

Did we mention that Cohen in April bought himself a $6.7 million apartment in Manhattan? Poor guy.

Ask CNN’s Brian Stelter when he gets back from vacation. Davis was one of his “reliable sources” after all.