Remember that time when Rachel Maddow hyped up the fact that she had in her possession President Trump’s tax returns? Remember how that turned out about as well as Geraldo Rivera’s trip to Al Capone’s vault? Even Hillary aide Brian Fallon was disgusted at what a dud it was.

Now Maddow has the MSNBC viewership hyped up again with the suggestion that Michael Cohen is going to bring down Trump under the RICO statutes, or something.

Can you smell the impeachment vote from here? We can. But Popehat and his legal mind aren’t feeling it.

We’re no lawyers, but we think what he’s saying is that RICO bit Maddow pulled out is standard boilerplate language that appears in every plea deal that goes through SDNY.

You mean Anthony Weiner is mixed up in organized crime with Michael Cohen and Donald Trump?

Case dismissed.