Sen. John McCain passed away Saturday at 81 after battling brain cancer for several years. The tributes have been flowing in, and Hugh Hewitt had perhaps the best advice for anyone firing up Twitter Saturday night:

OK, let’s kick things off from Vox, the smartest thinkers, who published at almost exactly the same time McCain’s death was announced a piece arguing that “McCain sacrificed his values to win,” and by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate, “McCain empowered a demagogue who put the Republican Party on the path to Donald Trump.”

The party of Donald Trump began almost 10 years ago to the day, when John McCain tapped Sarah Palin to join his ticket.

It’s one of the most important moments of McCain’s career. He proved willing to empower a demagogue when he thought doing so would improve his political fortunes, exactly the sin so many of his colleagues in the Republican Party have committed since Trump won their party’s nomination.

So really it’s a hit piece on Palin, but it blames McCain for choosing her and giving her a platform.

Funny though how the tweet promoting the piece vanished from Twitter so quickly. “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

We wonder who CNN political contributor Joan Walsh was thinking of when she asked her followers to “set aside their political issues” with McCain?

Wow — that racked up nearly 5,000 likes in less than a half-hour. Trust us, Republicans remember that night, and we’re keeping quiet about it out of respect.

Kathy Griffin, instead of dancing topless at the news of McCain’s passing, took the opportunity to take a swipe at President Trump — what a surprise.

And you never held up McCain’s bloody, disembodied head when he was running for president against Barack Obama — good for you.

Actor Ron Perlman, who admittedly prefers to confront notorious sexual predators by peeing on himself and then shaking hands, also used McCain’s death to take a swipe at the president.

Beautiful. That’s very kind. Stop now.

We’re sure there are plenty more where these came from, but hopefully people will take Hewitt’s advice.