As Twitchy reported Monday night, at least 60 cars had been set on fire in different cities in Sweden by masked youth, who reportedly set up barricades and threw rocks and debris at police.

Now authorities and media outlets are saying perhaps 80 or even 100 cars were set on fire across Sweden.

If you watch Bloomberg’s video, you’ll see that it’s the Democrat’s “pouncing” on the incident — with the Democrats being the nationalist party there, so it’s like Republicans pouncing.

The BBC says 80 cars were set on fire and quotes Prime Minister Stefan Lofven a saying, “It looks like very coordinated, almost like a military operation.”

Previous riots in Sweden have been blamed on “youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers,” but AJ+, the online presence of Al Jazeera, notes that some left-wing politicians are suggesting the whole thing was a false-flag operation to gin up anti-immigrant sentiment before the upcoming elections.

We’ll keep an eye on Sweden tonight as well.