As Twitchy reported, Twitter was about the last holdout after every other major social media platform — Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Google, Pinterest, Vimeo, Spotify, Disqus, Mailchimp, YouPorn, etc. — had banned him and Infowars.

However, it seemed that CNN had taken a particular interest in hunting down Jones and pressuring advertisers to drive him off the face of the internet. CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported that after Twitter failed to ban Jones for breaking its terms of service, CNN scrubbed through Jones’ timeline to find instances of rulebreaking and report them.

Again, we’re not Alex Jones fans here and rarely pay attention to him, but the amount of attention Darcy and CNN have paid to Jones is kind of mind-boggling. On Tuesday night, Darcy confirmed with Twitter that it had limited certain functions of Jones’ account.

Just so we’re straight … CNN is still monitoring Jones’ account and reporting violations to Twitter?

We’ll admit, we’re also still unclear on why CNN has a laser-site on Jones and feels compelled to police his compliance with Twitter’s rules. Um, thanks?

CNN’s gonna do Farrakhan next. Right? Seeing as that’s their job now …


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