Here’s a hot take we weren’t expecting this week, but apparently The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman thinks that Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s appearance in GOP campaign ads isn’t about her liberal policies like wanting to raise taxes — it’s all about misogyny.

Waldman writes:

Can we stop treating this lie seriously once and for all? We all know what’s really going on. The Republican attack on Pelosi is about conservative identity politics, full stop. It’s partly the same kind of ugly misogyny that has driven conservatives for years, and that comes out whenever the prospect of a woman wielding genuine power rears its head. Women who display ambition are judged harshly, particularly by conservatives; it’s no accident that Bernie Sanders, whose policy ideas are much more opposed to conservatism than Pelosi’s, inspires nothing like the venomous loathing on the right that Pelosi and Hillary Clinton do.

That’s one to bookmark for when President Nikki Haley is inaugurated in 2025.