We’re going to make it clear up front that Vox’s Dylan Matthews isn’t responsible for the study showing that American doctors would have to take massive pay cuts to bring U.S. health care costs in line with Canada’s — but the line, “That’s fine, they’ll live”? He owns that.

Yeah, you might also not want to undersell the difficulty of telling your surgeon he needs to take a 52 percent pay cut, effective immediately. But this is coming from the guy who back in 2015 wanted “to ban human drivers ASAP,” so he doesn’t have a history of getting what he wants.

Yeah, we don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth from Vox — and it’s free.

Here’s a rant that’s worth your time:

We bet Resistance doctor Eugene Gu — or one of his online aliases — would do it.

Yep, just like an apartment of your own is a right or a guaranteed minimum income whether you work or not is a right or broadband Internet access is a right. Everything except carrying a firearm, which the Founders never intended.