As Twitchy reported, Rosie O’Donnell and several Broadway performers were planning a sing-along protest in front of the White House Monday night, which might have resulted in President Trump’s confession to collusion with the Russians if only he weren’t well out of earshot in New Jersey.

Early photos from the event show that this thing is lit — even a guy in a Left Shark costume was there.

Wow, there have to be at least a hundred people there!

Rosie’s going to be singing, so it probably will sound like someone’s toes being cut off with a rusty hacksaw.

Here’s another amazing shot that appears to show the T-Rex and Left Shark either hugging or slow dancing.

That would explain the loud snorting sounds.

OK, don’t get too excited or anything, but O’Donnell and her troupe of Broadway superstars have arrived and this thing is on. OMG you can totally see O’Donnell right there in the crowd.

If anything at all comes of this, we’ll check back in. We’re not expecting to check back in.

* * *


OK, we are going to check back in, only to show that ABC News sent a camera crew to cover the event. They must miss their old “View” host — the 9/11 conspiracy theorist behind this massive protest.

“Their audience? President Trump.” No, morons, we already told you — Trump isn’t even at the White House tonight, as if he could hear it anyway. Their audience is each other and always is.



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