As Twitchy reported a little bit ago, Infowars’ Alex Jones responded to being “banned from the Internet” by … posting a video on the Internet. Now it’s true that his show has been removed from or is in the process of being removed from Facebook, Spotify, Google, YouTube, Apple, and other sites.

We’re pretty much in line with the take that a private company can ban whomever it wants, but it really does present a slippery slope — even “anti-racism strategist” Tariq Nasheed is concerned that black commentators could be removed next. Why not just let people’s fingers do the walking on the block, mute, and unfollow buttons?

It’d be easier to sympathize with Jones if he’d let other people do the talking right now, but that’s not his style to be sure, and now he’s claiming that “we’re all Alex Jones now.”

We’re all for free speech … but are we really all Alex Jones?

On the next InfoWars — are well all Alex Jones now?

Like we said above, it’s a slippery slope, but it’s not helping that it’s Alex Jones leading the charge with “we’re all Alex Jones now” and running with the tyranny angle.

That was pretty abhorrent, but then again, protecting speech sometimes means protecting the right to say things that are abhorrent. Now, if Facebook decides it doesn’t want to provide a platform for that speech …

Well said. And there’s always Gab: