President Donald Trump attended a campaign rally for congressional candidate Troy Balderson in Ohio Saturday evening, but this rally was less about Jim Acosta and more about what Trump was actually saying — maybe due to the fact that someone else was covering it.

However, we need to check on something; could what Trump said about a missing GOP vote in the Senate really be classified as “Trump on McCain battling brain cancer”?

Are we bad people for not thinking that sounded bad?

That’s kind of what we thought. CNN even pulled out that quote for special attention in its rolling coverage of the rally:

Trump notes McCain, who is battling brain cancer, is “not around to vote”

President Trump briefly mentioned Sen. John McCain, but didn’t name him, who is back home battling brain cancer.

We have “one vote” in the Senate who is “not around to vote,” Trump said.

“I don’t know. He’s out. He’s not voting.”

He was speaking about the Republican Senate majority, noting it’s hard to get anything done with just 51 votes.

Again, is it just us? McCain really is not around to vote. We know McCain is battling brain cancer, Trump knows that McCain is battling brain cancer … so Trump shouldn’t mention it? Or is CNN just contextualizing things to make Trump look insensitive? Because if that’s the case, it worked.

All right, we’re wrong about this. We’ll try to work up some outrage.