We’re not happy with the double-standard, to be sure, but despite what Sarah Jeong wrote in those old, racist tweets, we don’t want to see her fired because of a mob. The whole thing just makes it perfectly clear who The New York Times considers a good addition to the team, and as the paper explained in a statement, Sarah “regrets” making all those racist posts and won’t do it again. The Times is gonna Times.

You can find out about Benny Johnson’s mistakes at his Wikipedia page, but for now just know that he eventually landed at The Daily Caller. And on Thursday, he happened to dig up one of Jeong’s old tweets aimed at him.

OK, is she as angry and jealous as she sounds in that tweet, or is that just her “imitating the rhetoric of her harassers”? Satire maybe?

In any case, Johnson unearthed that tweet and his response was pretty classy if you ask us:

Solid advice. It looks like the Times was willing to overlook her mistakes and give her a high-profile gig. We’re certain the whole experience has changed her inside.

Jeong’s old tweet is racking up some new comments as well:

Yeah, we don’t see that happening.


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