Here’s the thing: you’d get bored reading about it, and besides, we literally don’t have the staff to cover every media hot take on the “CNN sucks” chant at Jim Acosta at Tuesday night’s Trump rally in Tampa, Fla.

We’ve already covered Brian Stelter’s concern that President Trump has started a “hate movement” against the American press andsome Democrat senators’ introduction of a resolution calling on Trump to stop attacking the press. Here are a few more concerned members of the media, just for scale:

At that, ladies and gentlemen, is just The Washington Post.

But we’re going to bring the focus back to CNN, since it was one of their own being jeered. Here’s Chris Cillizza’s rather somber take which puts the onus on all of us to do better.

We’d like to welcome Cillizza to the party that we described in this post; you know, those people leaving Trump campaign rallies back in 2016 weren’t egging and sucker-punching and spitting on themselves. (The featured photo for this post comes from a mob at a San Jose Trump campaign rally in 2016). And in most cases it was independent journalists capturing the footage and posting it online, or else it would never have been seen.

Yeah, since Cillizza thinks we all can do a lot better, it might help to remind CNN how they could contribute to the cause.

We’ll give CNN credit for deciding to drop as its New Year’s Eve host the “comedian” who posed ISIS-style with Trump’s bloody, severed head for a publicity photo. That was brave.

Hey, stop promoting violence against journalists or we’ll report you.