We’ve all seen the disclaimers where people make it clear that retweets aren’t necessarily endorsements, but CNN’s Jake Tapper made it pretty clear he wanted people to click over to Philly.com and check out Will Bunch’s take on Reality Winner.

In case you don’t remember, Winner, a government contractor, was charged for leaking classified material to The Intercept in 2017.

Those documents were taken from an NSA report detailing Russian efforts to hack local election officials using stolen data, and now that Robert Mueller has indicted 12 Russian nationals for hacking the DNC, Bunch seems to think Winner is a whistleblower and an American hero:

So far, history is repeating itself. The nightmare of a foreign power like Russia trying to tip the scales of a weakened American democracy and install Donald Trump in the White House is the political scandal of the century, and yet two years into it, the only person convicted of a felony and sitting in a jail cell is the woman seeking to expose part of the cover-up.

So why is Winner still in jail? The Federalist’s Sean Davis knows:


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