As Twitchy reported Tuesday morning, Virginia congressional candidate Leslie Cockburn accused her opponent, Denver Riggleman, of being “a devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”

“This is not what we need on Capitol Hill,” she said. Or is it what we need on Capitol Hill?

In any case, the charge inspired The Los Angeles Times to look into Bigfoot erotica; could it be the next big trend?

That’s what we thought, but Michael Schaub looked into it and found that “Carrie High’s “Bigfoot Knocked Me Up: The Complete 10 Book Set” — one of the very few erotic Sasquatch books with a title that can be printed here — was ranked No. 175 in the horror erotica subcategory early Tuesday, soon climbing to No. 83 in erotica/science fiction, No. 86 in erotica/interracial and No. 51 in the Kindle store subcategory of erotica/transgender.”