Jessica Valenti has written six books on feminism, and in The New York Times Wednesday she argued for ways to keep young boys from growing up to be misogynists, claiming that “a generation of young, mostly white men are being radicalized into believing that their problems stem from women’s progress.”

Of course, she’s quick to denounce the work of “misogynist hucksters” like Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whom she notes refuses to call students by their preferred pronouns.

So her column is both a warning against people like Peterson and a call for feminists to set up a system to help shape boys into something other than patriarchal terrorists.

“Feminist ideas can help men,” she writes, “be it the rejection of expectations that men be strong and stoic or ending the silence around male victims of sexual violence. But boys also need the same kind of culture we created for girls.” Thanks to feminism, girls, for example, have everything from “social media campaigns to after-school equality clubs … and real-life spaces where girls can find alternatives to the sexist status quo.”

Until society finds out a way to keep young patriarchs from growing into misogynists, women can never truly be free, right?

Sorry, Valenti, but when we want to hear a feminist give advice on men, we turn to Lauren Duca; she doesn’t dance around the point.


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