We enjoy owning the libs, but we’re really conflicted now. First Nikki Haley and then Orrin Hatch cautioned high school students at a Turning Point USA summit against “owning the libs just to own the libs,” and now writer Eve Peyser has blown the lid right off of owning the libs with a piece in Rolling Stone exposing the “haunting emptiness” of it all.

Peyser uses as sources such Twitter personalities as staunch never-Trumper Rick Wilson and David Frum:

David Frum, an editor at the Atlantic and former George W. Bush speechwriter, tells Rolling Stone, “When people are losing politically, they retreat from politics and take refuge in cultural criticism.” Even though Republicans control two-thirds of state houses, the executive and the legislative branches, they still feel this underdoggian impulse to score culture war points.

“People on the left want to talk about Medicare-for-all and universal basic income and federal job guarantees,” Frum says. “They have a series of things they want to do with the state [and] big ideas that they want the public to think about. Conservatism really doesn’t have those right now.”

He’s right: universal basic income and federal job guarantees are ideas conservatism really doesn’t have right now, and that’s why it’s so important to own libs like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So what’s the problem?

The problem is, the “owning the libs” model of politics doesn’t have a point of view. It isn’t about furthering an ideological goal, only churlishness — it seeks to make the world a nastier and dumber place. The emptiness of it all is haunting.

Rolling Stone’s rape hoax made the world a nastier and dumber place, so forgive us if we don’t consult it as our bible of political thought, OK?

Sorry guys … it looks like it’s not OK for conservatives to have fun on Twitter. Just shadow ban us all and end our empty online lives.

Where is Smug? Probably off owning some libs. Hey, we were right!

Oh, the haunting emptiness of it all.


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