A young Oregon man has been awarded a $25,000 settlement and a written apology from his former high school principal after he was suspended for refusing to cover up or change his T-shirt, which read, “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.”

The Daily Mail reports:

The teenager wore the shirt, which reads: ‘The wall just got 10 feet taller’, to a politics class on a day there would be discussion of immigration.

He was asked to cover the shirt by the school’s assistant principal, after the dean of students reported some of his classmates felt ‘intimidated and threatened’, court documents show.

When he uncovered the shirt again, he was told he could cover it back up, change into a different shirt, or go home. The school counted his choice to go home as a suspension.

Vice principal Amanda Ryan-Fear of the Hillsboro School District told the court that during the 2016-17 school year, “Hispanic students reported to the administration that some family members had been deported, and that the fear and anxiety caused by the specter of deportation was negatively impacting their attendance and attention in school.”

What that has to do with a T-shirt we don’t know, and apparently the court didn’t either, ruling in favor of Addison Barnes.

Let’s make sure to get the opposing viewpoint in here as well … everyone pay attention to Tess.

Geez, the school district should have had Tess represent them in court … some really compelling free speech arguments there.