There really is a tweet for everything from Donald Trump, and on Monday, after the president had tweeted an all-caps warning to Iran to “be cautious,” Sen. Bernie Sanders decided to converse with this Trump tweet from 2011:

Wow, did Trump ever get that wrong, and Sanders was all over it:

We’re old enough to remember when everyone was freaking out about Trump starting World War III by tweeting about North Korea, so we’re gonna say no, Trump is not planning to start a war with Iran by tweeting at them. He tweets things.

But we have to agree that Barack Obama improved relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran — pallets of cash will do that.

For a good laugh, check out PolitiFact’s fact-check of Trump’s claim that the Iran deal gave Iran “$1.8 billion in cash — in actual cash carried out in barrels and in boxes from airplanes.”

PolitiFact rated that claim only half-true: “The $1.8 billion is reasonably accurate. The official amount is $1.7 billion. However, there’s no evidence that barrels and boxes were involved.”

There’s no evidence that barrels and boxes were involved!