OK, we can understand why the Associated Press went with a click-bait headline to sell its story, “Deportations take unique toll on blended American families.” Deportations aren’t really hot anymore — the news cycle has moved on to about three other shiny objects since then — but the AP did what it could to spice things up:

Stupid woman, voting for Trump. What did she think was going to happen to her illegal immigrant daughter-in-law?

If you stick with the story, it only takes 24 paragraphs to get to the line, “Officially, Stegall’s deportation process began under President Barack Obama.”

If you make it 19 paragraphs in, you learn that authorities only learned that Letty Stegall was in the U.S. illegally when she was arrested for drunk driving.

But the AP certainly did succeed in ramping up anger at Trump — and especially at the woman who admitted voting for him — almost as if it were intentional.

No doubt it’s a sad story for all involved. And Barack Obama racked up literally millions of sad stories during his administration. But if we’re going to make (and enforce) immigration law based on sad stories in the press, we won’t have a border much longer.

And don’t forget that “immigrant” who killed Kate Steinle; nice tweet, AP.