Here’s the thing: it was liberals who raked actor Mark Duplass over the coals for saying Ben Shapiro was “a genuine person,” and it was conservatives who came to his defense after the left-wing mob descended.

Now the hot takes are coming fast and furious from liberals about how Mike Cernovich apparently was the one who dug up director James Gunn’s old joke tweets — the jokes about child rape and pedophilia so offensive that Disney fired him.

Ben Shapiro, who is a genuine person and found himself at the center of this whole cluster****, wrote that it was a mistake and a bad precedent to fire Gunn. Glenn Beck reached out a hand of friendship and defended Gunn against his firing. And Robby Soave over at Reason wrote a whole piece explaining why Disney was wrong to fire Gunn over old tweets:

But like we said, liberals are now targeting Cernovich for “slandering” Gunn with “old out-of-context tweets.”

Of course, the Left is going to defend fellow traveler Gunn. But among all the outrage, could we please remember the time Sens. Patrick Leahy and Al Franken grilled Justice Don Willett over his old, out-of-context tweets? They wanted to keep him off the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals over these?

Honestly — Gunn “jokes” about child rape but a joke about marrying bacon was supposed to derail Willett’s nomination?

Breaking news: It was a joke.

And wouldn’t you just know it — the day after grilling Willett, Franken was confronted with his “supposed to be a joke” photo of him groping a sleeping Leeann Tweeden. Hey, it was just out of context, guys.

So if anyone wants to whine about the “old jokes being taken out of context” mob we’ve seen it before, and it wasn’t pretty then either.