It seems that no amount of pleading can keep people from comparing whatever’s happening in the news each day to the Holocaust.

Reaching for rock bottom, Sen. Richard Blumenthal last month said the separation of families at the border “reminds us of the cattle cars of Nazi Germany when children were separated from their parents and marched to supposed showers,” while Gen. Michael Hayden tweeted a photo of the Birkenau death camp at Auschwitz.

Actually, the situation at the border reminds us nothing of the cattle cars of Nazi Germany, but historian Bruce Bartlett, the author of a book about “hot to fight fake news,” is hoping some brave Anne Frank who was separated from her family (or human traffickers) at the border is keeping a secret diary.

So the analogy is not apt.

Or starvation, because they served meals that didn’t align with her religious beliefs and she had to eat around the meat.

It isn’t?