In case you blinked and missed it, today was the #ThisIsZeroHour march on Washington, D.C., in protest of climate change. This one was for the kids and by the kids (with a lot of adult backing), and as Twitchy reported last week, the #ZeroHour kids’ definition of climate change is quite expansive.

Check their list of “revolutionary guiding principles” on their website, which includes these highlights:

  • On the frontlines of climate change is the Global South, People Of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, People with Disabilities, Poor People, Women, Queer and Trans People, and People belonging to marginalized faiths.
  • Systems of oppression (capitalism, colonialism, racism, and patriarchy) have led to climate change, therefore we must shift our culture away from these systems.
  • The elected officials must comply with the demands of the youth, therefore they must pass and enforce legislation and support policies that protect life and our future on this planet.
  • This is a revolution.

So just how many kids showed up to demand a shift away from capitalism and patriarchy to save the climate? Not so many, it would seem. At least it was bigger than the #OccupyLafayettePark protest going on at the White House gate.

Wow, 500? Not to rain on their parade (Mother Nature took care of that), but that’s not a lot of people.

That “Make Winter Cold Again” sign is kind of cute.

Sorry, Trump committing treason during that presser with Putin is still the outrage du jour. But check out this made-for-TV soundbite:



BuzzFeed News’ reporter got a nice wide shot of the assembled crowd:

Not trying to rub it in, but going by the photos, we honestly think rap duo Insane Clown Posse’s Million Juggalo March actually attracted more people.

This girl at the New York march even saved a piece of posterboard in her effort to save the climate:

Why weren’t you at the march, senator? It looks like they could have used some extra bodies:

Hey, check out who had a booth set up: the Democratic Socialists of America! The party that has called for profit, prisons, cash bail, and borders all to be abolished. Gotta get those kids while they’re young.

#SaveGlaciersMeltIce? Get it? Melt ICE? Because climate justice is immigration justice?