So which is it? As Twitchy reported, Joe Lieberman in a Wall Street Journal op-ed urged New York Democrats to ditch their support of socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in favor of Joe Crowley, and yet DNC chair Tom Perez declared her “the future of our party.”

Media types, who don’t root for a side, mind you, have been happy to give the Democrats advice on Ocasio-Cortez. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, for example, warned that Ocasio-Cortez’ prediction that capitalism will not always exist in the world “will not help the blue wave.” And on Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cillizza advised Democrats to “slow their roll” in pushing Ocasio-Cortez into the limelight — not surprising, considering her disastrous TV interviews.

Sure, the Democrats have been pushing her as the future of the party, but the media has played its part too, hasn’t it?

Um, you might want to check with Tom Perez on that one. “The future of our party!”

That’s hilarious. The true hit jobs have been her own interviews.

Buyer’s remorse?