After President Trump’s joint presser with Vladimir Putin Monday, it was difficult to find a tweet that didn’t have the word “treason” or “traitor” in it. Not that that’s new — Resistance leaders like Rob Reiner and Michael Moore tweet that virtually every day. But suddenly even talking heads on cable news were talking about a shadow government rising up and taking control.

Here’s Matt Yglesias from Monday defending all the treason rhetoric:

Speaking of child separations, the media dropped those like a hot rock when Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, huh? And now we’re on to Putin again.

In any case, tweet inspired The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald to scold overheated liberal Yglesias with a balanced thread cautioning both sides against throwing the “treason” accusation around.

Agreed: the “act of war” rhetoric really is out of hand, with anti-Trumpers comparing Russian hacking to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and Kristallnacht. And like Greenwald suggests, is Congress supposed to declare war with Russia? Then what? Two writers over at POLITICO came awfully close to suggesting armed conflict Monday night. How else should the U.S. respond to this generation’s Pearl Harbor?

We don’t always agree with Greenwald, but we never agree with Yglesias and his ridiculous takes.

Of course, Greenwald’s mentions are filled with liberals explaining how things have changed since the Bush administration, and Trump literally is committing treason, see?

Well, we liked your thread, Glenn. Sorry it didn’t take with your liberal followers.