Remember late last month when The Daily Beast reported that Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement had sparked a run on IUDs?

That “flurry of tweets” urging women to stock up on birth control was actually two tweets. Two.

Now The Daily Beast has gone back to the well and floated the idea that contraception could be banned under Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

So where did The Daily Beast’s Jay Michaelson get this idea? He writes:

… While dissenting in favor of the Catholic religious organization objecting to the [Affordable Care Act’s contraception] requirement, Kavanaugh wrote that “the Government has a compelling interest in facilitating women’s access to contraception” because of a variety of factors, such as “reducing the number of unintended pregnancies would further women’s health, advance women’s personal and professional opportunities, reduce the number of abortions, and help break a cycle of poverty.”

That doesn’t sound like a man intent on banning contraception. “It is reasonable to wonder whether Judge Kavanaugh’s dicta in Priests for Life suggests more flexibility on contraception and abortion than hard-right conservatives would like,” Michaelson continues.

So why the scare headline, aside from acting as click-bait?