We’ve already been tasting the sweet, sweet liberal tears of people like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Ezra Klein as President Trump’s announcement of his Supreme Court nominee grows closer, but up until now, we hadn’t seen anyone crying over Bush v. Gore. We mean, sure, it’s only been a year and a half, so naturally, people are still coming to terms with Hillary Clinton’s loss. But Al Gore?

According to Vox’s David Roberts, the Bush v. Gore decision was “nakedly partisan,” and he’s thought about it “every day since 2000.”

Here’s Media Matters alumnus Eric Boehlert:

Yeah, the Republican-voting D.C. press are infamous for being slanted against Democrats. But here’s where Howard Dean gets almost revved up enough to let out a pained scream:

But if the Supreme Court was killed in 2000, who was it that legalized same-sex marriage in 2015? We’re confused.

Wow, the butthurt from the 2000 election is still strong.

Time to get “really uncivil.” Not sure how that works in the confirmation process, though.

OK, stop telling them that.

Have you checked The Resistance lately? They’re not too civilized to erupt anymore, and Rep. Maxine Waters is egging them on.

Have fun.