As far as we recall, Vox founder Ezra Klein didn’t have much to say about “fixing” the Supreme Court during the Obama administration, but once Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Klein was full of suggestions.

A couple of weeks ago he thought replacing lifetime appointments with 18-year, non-renewable terms would “fix” the Supreme Court, and today he’s tweeting a warning that the Supreme Court is becoming anti-Democratic.

Of course Vox would have a hot take on SCOTUS today, and it’s arguing for court-packing — increasing the number of Supreme Court justices to 11, 15, or even more, effectively creating a way for the party in power to “add a large number of ideologically sympathetic justices to the Court, all at once.”

It seems that’s something President Trump, with a Republican majority in the House and Senate, could do right now, but we’re thinking that’s not what Vox has in mind. Haven’t they learned yet that “nuclear options” can backfire on the party that detonates them?

Oh, and P.S.…