“Sex and the City” star and New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, who is running well to the left of an already liberal incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, is taking it as a badge of honor that Vice President Mike Pence takes issue with her calling ICE a terrorist organization.

Some of them, certainly, but not all. The mother of the crying toddler immortalized on the cover of TIME admitted she came from Honduras looking for a job, not to flee violence, but whatever. Oh, and the mother and her child were never separated. And she paid a smuggler to sneak them across the border illegally.

So ICE is a terrorist organization for enforcing the immigration laws passed by Congress? Maybe have a word with them.

In any case, Pence replied with some information on ICE of his own:

Hmm … all we’ve heard on cable news is that “children are being ripped from their parents” and “babies are being put in cages.” So that’s not all ICE does?