In case you hadn’t guessed by all the websites that had turned their logos into rainbows, June was Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, but there’s controversy brewing inside the LGBT community that we would never have predicted. BuzzFeed is on it:

Despite what you might think, that rainbow doesn’t represent everyone, or so some believe. They’re asking for a brown stripe to be added to represent LGBT people of color. And who could oppose that? According to a new poll, gay men and older LGBT people do.

Dominic Holden reports:

Most LGBT Americans don’t want a brown and black stripe added to the rainbow pride flag, according to a new national survey. The poll found that gay men, whites, and baby boomers were most resistant to updating the flag in order to represent LGBT people of color — while younger and nonwhite LGBT people were more inclined to support the change.

Hmm … it certainly sounds like racism at work. If former Gov. Nikki Haley can remove the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds on charges that the flag celebrates racism, surely the LGBT community can work up a new flag, right?

Whom does the green stripe represent … gay leprechauns?

We love you, @neontaster, but you’re missing out on all the fun of “intersectionality.” It’s all the rage among progressives and on college campuses.

Speaking of pride, some think there’s a very good reason not to redo the flag and add a brown stripe.