First things first: let’s check in on The Washington Post’s “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin to find out her take on civility and chasing members of the Trump administration out of restaurants and movie theaters:

Boy, that’s a shocker. And yes, her Twitter bio still lists her as a “conservative blogger.”

But there’s an even hotter take in Tuesday’s Washington Post, courtesy of Tom Scocca, who apparently has no idea that illegal immigrant children slept under foil blankets in federal captivity during the Obama administration too.

It’s pretty clear where The Washington Post lands on this whole “harassing members of the administration in public” issue.

Scocca seems most upset with the political pundit class that is still hung up on civility during the Trump administration, as if politeness will get The Resistance anywhere. He writes:

Children, some still in diapers, have been seized from their parents by the government and locked in cages, with no clear way to reunite them with their families afterward. That situation might seem more urgent, in itself, than the question of how people chose to react to the government seizing children and locking them in cages. Yet here we are, caught up in this fuss over — manners? Civility?

Yeah, sorry man, but we are still caught up in this fuss over civility. Maybe not for long, though.