As Twitchy readers know, a video went viral on Twitter over the weekend showing a woman threatening to call the cops on a little 8-year-old girl who was selling water … without a permit.

Twitchy readers also know that Hollywood conservative James Woods said he was leveraging his relationship with Disney “to see if they might invite this enterprising little girl to Disneyland and treat her like a princess.”

But you know conservatives, right? Freelance writer Glenn Fleishman thinks he does:

Um, there was just one problem with that argument — the USA TODAY story on the incident to which he linked was written by — gasp! — a conservative.

A little free tip from Twitchy: conservatives are EVERYWHERE. There might be one sitting next to you in Starbucks right this minute … you know they welcome anybody there now.

Damn straight, Dave.

It’s a great piece, by the way.

Hey, look at that … another conservative defending the little girl … maybe he doesn’t know she’s black (insert sarcasm tag here).

* * *


What’s that we hear in the distance? It sounds like a tiny violin …

Oh, that and accusing conservatives of ignoring the girl because she’s black.