As Twitchy reported, a congressional intern yelled, “Mr. President, f**k you!” as Trump’s entourage entered Speaker Paul Ryan’s office in the Capitol last week.

You might think that would cost someone her internship, but you’d be wrong. We don’t know — try it in your office and see how things work out.

That’s pretty shocking: she works for a Democrat, New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan. Chad Pergram reports that she’ll be suspended for a week and be restricted to working in Hassan’s office in the Hart Building.

We probably would have left her name out of it too, but 1) she’s an adult, and 2) Pergram’s already spilled the beans.

Wow, Pergram’s a monster? Like we said, she’s a 21-year-old — an adult — it’s not the reporter’s job to shield her like a child or a confidential source.

Those are the new rules, right? No one you disagree with politically should be allowed to eat in peace … though we’ve only heard progressives like Maxine Waters and John Legend going on about that today, so it must be a liberal thing.