As Twitchy reported, members of the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists drove DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen out of a restaurant Tuesday night, and then protesters chanting “NO JUSTICE NO SLEEP!” and “FREE THE KIDS!” surrounded her home Friday morning, disturbing the neighbors and yelling “Shame!” as Nielsen emerged.

Also, people have been using LinkedIn and other forms of social media to out ICE agents with the promise to harass them while they’re off the clock, whether at shopping malls or picking up their kids from school. And comedian Kathy Griffin has already riled up her followers to demand a new series of Nuremberg trials for ALL members of the Trump administration.

Man, people sure got worked up quickly over a viral photo of illegal immigrant kids in cages … taken in 2014.

But if any of the above disturbs you, consider the words of Noah Smith, a Bloomberg opinion writer who says it’s important that we compare the Trump administration to Nazi Germany now, rather than wait until it’s too late and the genocide has started.

That’s generous — Trump isn’t literally Hitler, he’s just more like Hitler than we’re comfortable with.

And this is the sort of thinking that brought us the antifa mobs that dress in matching black hoodies and shut down conservative speakers on college campuses before vandalizing the town surrounding the campus.

But according to the pundits, Trump is literally running internment camps or concentration camps (the Left can’t quite decide) by detaining illegal immigrant children in shelters — not unlike his predecessor.


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