Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday criticized the United States for its separation of families at the border, assuring reporters that “this is not the way we do things in Canada.”

However, the CBC reported Wednesday that Canada also has detained migrant children and sometimes restricted access to their asylum-seeking parents.

So, is it safe to assume that Canada too is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust? The CBC reports:

The Canadian holding centres, which are off limits to the public, resemble medium-security prisons. They are surrounded by razor-wire fences and kept under surveillance by guards.

There are three such facilities across Canada, in Vancouver, Toronto, and Laval, Que. In some provinces, asylum seekers are detained in prisons.

A recent McGill University study found that detention can be a “frightening experience” for children, leaving them with “psychiatric and academic difficulties long after detention.”

Inside, boredom is “pervasive,” as children are often left “idle, sleeping or lying on the couches for long periods during the day.”

Granted, the numbers of children held are nowhere near what the U.S. is dealing with, but still … razor-wire fences?