What’s that up in the sky? It’s not just a passenger jet … if we’re not mistaken, it’s the virtue signal as well. And as we’ve seen from such great examples as Starbucks, corporate virtue signaling usually ends in either backlash or ridicule.

On Monday, United, American Airlines, and Frontier requested that the Trump administration not use their planes to separate illegal immigrant children from their families.

Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is “in deep conflict” with United’s values? The same airline that violently dragged a doctor off an airplane? We’re not sure we’d feel safe putting migrant children on United’s flights anyway.

OK … buses it is then.

For the record, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security tweeted this in response:

Do the airlines really think they’re being part of the solution? Or are they just buckling to media pressure, like when they dropped travel discounts for NRA members after the Parkland shooting? Because that surely helped stop mass shootings.

Oh, by the way:

Yes he is, and no, he didn’t.