“They held hands like they would never let go again.”

That would be a fantastic final line in a Harlequin romance, but actually, it appears in a straight news story on CNN’s website. We’re not suggesting the piece is biased, but … no, wait, that’s exactly what we’re suggesting.

So the father was caught with his son in tow being smuggled across the Rio Grande, and the two were separated for a day and a half.

We’re not sure CNN is making the case here that it wants to make:

[Ever Alexander Morejon] Gonzalez said he was unaware when he and Alexander left their home in El Coyol, El Salvador, on May 16 that the Trump administration had enacted a “zero tolerance” policy on people who entered the US illegally. He said they fled his homeland to escape the daily threats of violence from gangs.

“Had I known I would not have risked my son’s life,” he said. “I would have stayed in my country.”

So, he was counting on entering the U.S. illegally with his son and not getting caught?

The consequences don’t seem that steep. CNN reports that Gonalez was not charged with illegal entry, and after their “agonizing” 36-hour ordeal, the father and son were on a bus to Florida, the tickets paid for by Catholic Charities.

Just like Nazi Germany.