Wow, Maryland gubernatorial candidate Rich Madaleno has finally found a platform for the Democrats to run on in 2018 and beyond … doing things that “piss off Trump.” Yes, that’s really the theme of Madaleno’s new campaign spot, which aired on “Fox & Friends,” apparently to be certain Trump would see it and be pissed off.

And you know what pisses off Trump most? Madaleno kissing his husband at the end of the ad.

Honestly? We doubt Trump cares about the kiss one bit, but it’s a good gimmick. Wait, did we say good gimmick? We meant to say terrible gimmick.

The Daily Wire got it right in calling it the most absurd political ad in recent political history — although we still have to give props to the congressional candidate who sawed the barrel off of her AR-15 with a grinder.

Here’s the ad — it really is worth a watch just to see some very young kids bad-mouth Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.