As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Brian Stelter appeared to go full Melania-truther with his graphic showing just how long it had been since the first lady had made a public appearance:

CNN wasn’t the only outlet to dip its toe into conspiracy theory waters, though. Check out the quotations Agence France-Presse used in its tweet about Melania Trump’s “vanishing act.”

“She is known for her privacy and White House independence, often breaking with her husband’s schedule,” reports AFP. “But Melania Trump’s unusual 25-day absence from public view following surgery for a ‘benign’ kidney condition has raised questions.” Yes, they put benign in quotation marks in the story as well.

If it was a benign condition, surely she should be back to her usual routine by now, right? One thing’s for sure — it’s raising a lot of questions.


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