Politico reported this week that Florida gubernatorial candidate Chris King isn’t just calling for an assault weapons ban — he also wants to create something called the “Every Kid Fund” that would be financed in part by taxes on firearms and a 6 percent “safety fee” on ammunition.

Politico reports:

As Florida Democrats unite in calling for gun control for the first time, Chris King has separated from the pack of gubernatorial candidates by advancing a new proposal that would use sales taxes from firearm sales and impose a new “safety fee” on bullet purchases to fund violence prevention and treatment programs.

King’s proposal — which comes on the heels of his new television ad campaign calling for an assault weapons ban — would establish the “Every Kid Fund” to pay for gun-violence studies and prevention as well as to reimburse trauma centers for medical costs incurred in treating victims of mass shootings.

Here’s King himself with the plan:

Something like this has never been done before … or has it?


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