President Trump spoke at a rally in Nashville Tuesday night, and as usual, he didn’t hold anything back in front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was certainly happy to be there covering the event and made note that Trump at one point claimed that Rep. Nancy Pelosi “loves MS-13.”

The rhetoric might be a bit more shocking if Trump hadn’t come out a week earlier and proclaimed that “Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of MS-13.” And that, of course, was a reference to Pelosi’s awkward way of defending MS-13 against Trump’s claims that they were “animals”; Pelosi objected, appealing to “the spark of divinity” to be found in each brutal gang member.

To be honest, we’d love to see Pelosi come out swinging — not against Trump, but against MS-13, just to prove him wrong.

It doesn’t look like Trump lost too many supporters by stepping over the line.

We’ll give the final word to CNN contributor Doug Heye.

We do not believe Pelosi loves gangs either … so enough with the “spark of divinity” business, OK? How about some action?


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