Arne Duncan, former United States Secretary of Education, thinks it’s a brilliant idea, but he didn’t come up with it. That honor goes to Peter Cunningham, former Assistant Secretary of Education under the Obama administration, who suggested that all of America’s parents pull their kids out of school “until we have better gun laws.”

Good to have such such distinguished educators settling on an end date for the school walk-out: “until we have better gun laws” and until gun laws are changed to keep children safe. C’mon, you can be more specific than that — what exactly is it you want?

And since we’re at it, maybe parents should pull their kids from school until schools implement additional safety measures to keep children safe, such as adding armed guards and limiting access to the school building.

Brilliant, and tragically necessary?

We don’t know, but it looks like a lot of people are in, including the founder of Teach for America and the president of the American Federation of Teachers:

But what if the kids are safer in school than they are at home in their neighborhoods? A few Democrat-run cities come to mind.

As far as we know, neither the Women’s March nor MoveOn has thrown its support behind the national school walkout yet, but give it time.

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