Remember the “student takeover” of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., last year?

White and “deeply progressive” biology professor Bret Weinstein was warned by campus police that he might not be safe on campus following his opposition to a white-free “Day of Absence.” The backlash was so great that Weinstein held his class in a park off campus; he now refers to himself in his Twitter bio as “Professor in Exile.”

It looks like the college has canceled the Day of Absence, but the students are going ahead with “A day for us, by us” anyway, offering yoga (for people of color only), a POC-only leadership skills workshop, a POC-only solidarity panel discussion, and a POC-only action planning session — and something about “deconstructing whiteness.”

Weinstein weighed in:

Far worse? Just as a refresher, here’s video of last year’s student takeover: