The National Lawyers Guild chapter of CUNY School of Law posted a lengthy statement Monday on a March 29 protest against a speech on “Free Speech on Campus” sponsored by the Federalist Society and featuring law professor Josh Blackman.

The students seem upset that “conservative media has become focused on the words of one protester: ‘F**k the law” and thought that a press release could clear things up.

Among their gripes? For one, Dean Mary Lu Bilek “chose not to release a statement admonishing Blackman’s hateful views” and “she failed to provide a safe space for student’s [sic] affected by those views.”

Another complaint: “Blackman, and conservatives who espouse similar views, write about the law as though it is inherently neutral.”

However, the students explained what they meant by “f**k the law”: “We mean that the law was written to uphold white supremacy, and limit the freedom of communities of color … As it is written, the law oppresses, dehumanizes, displaces, deports, and incarcerates our communities and loved ones.”

They continue: “When we say ‘f**k the law,’ we mean f**k the law.”

Good strategy.